Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming process. It all seems so easy until you start getting deeper into it. What’s your wedding style? What will our colors be? Are we a Boho Chic couple or a Rustic couple?!

The most significant stress, apart from your in-laws, is your wedding budget. Often couples are using their own money to invest in their wedding. Teams are creating accounts for just photo alone and then leaving the video budget as an afterthought.

Why tho?

Video is equally if not as important as photography for your wedding. I think everyone will agree with this statement. The industry trains us to book the photographer first. It’s only later we think of the video, probably because it’s “too expensive” and it’s often an afterthought. Perhaps you haven’t even considered it because you’ve heard and assumed it will already be out of your budget.

Well, not anymore. I have designed All-Inclusive Wedding Photo and Video Packages for my couples. You no longer have to choose to have one or the other. I guarantee some of my All-Inclusive packages will match what you were budgeting for JUST photo. By taking it all on myself, I can give you a discount on the total price.

The benefit is you only have one company to deal with, and it’s one team, one contract, one payment, and best of all, it’s all one cohesive, creative style.

If I could recommend anything when planning a wedding, it would be to hire a videographer, and if you're in Jackson, WY going with Diana."- Real Client 9.21.19