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Boudoir Photography Sessions in Jackson, Wyoming 


Reason #1: You go, girl! At some point in her life, every woman should document who they are underneath the armor of clothing we present to the world. Literally stripping down the layers to get to the very essence of who you are underneath it all. These are images and films that will immortalize you for the rest of your life. 

Reason #2: My sessions are an EXPERIENCE, and EXPRESSION of self-love. I take the time in preparation, lighting, and editing to ensure I am capturing all your best features. I know the poses that will flatter you most. I hire the BEST hair and makeup professionals to enhance your natural beauty and show you the Goddess you already are. 

Reason #3: You’re getting married…or divorced. What a way to say goodbye to your old self and start anew with a sexy, powerful photoshoot. Boudoir Photography can transform your self-image, whether it’s a gift for him (wedding) or a gift to yourself (divorce) the results are the same. When you view your final images you will be uplifted and transformed witnessing the Goddess you have become.  




"I had never thought of myself as a boudoir type of girl. I thought of boudoir as something for women in a relationship who wanted to give an exciting and intimate gift to their partner. When discussing ideas, we brought up doing the shoot outside. Diana was all for it and wanted to make sure I was comfortable, and the photos captured me naturally feeling good in my favorite environment. It's rare to feel so comfortable nearly naked outside, but that was the environment Diana created for me. We had so much fun taking these shots, and I love the final product. I love that we did these for me and not for anyone else."

Kiki - Jackson Outdoor Boudoir Session
boudoir photography

My Experience

Practicing what I preach

Boudoir photography can be intimidating at first. I know! I’ve been in front of the camera before. I was so concerned with, my belly, was I going to look fat?! The day of the shoot I had just started my period-ick right?! All I could think about was how bloated I was going to be. I chose to do my mini shoot in my bathtub because that’s a place where I do a lot of meditation, relaxation, and communication with my inner goddess.

Because I was very comfortable and relaxed the photos captures me authentically as who I am. I was blown away by how little my stomach looked on camera, and my photographer, Julia did an amazing job. She was my cheerleader the entire time and I she knew just how to direct my poses to capture my best angels. 

What to expect from your shoot

a little behind the scenes

All my sessions have hair and makeup, with lashes, included in the price. The professionals I work with are the best in the valley. Tanya Crocker of Hair and Makeup By Tanya, and Hannah, and Mollie from Champu Salon. These gals are the top-rated, most sought after in Teton Valley. They have perfected styling for on camera. Professional makeup is crucial for quality photos.

Setting the scene. It’s all about comfort. To make sure we are all comfortable, I will provide the beverage of your choice, Champagne? Tea? You tell me, and I will supply it.

I have specially curated playlists that will set you at ease and bring out your inner Beyonce. I set the ambiance of the room with scented candles and flowers. By the time we are ready to shoot, you are looking fully glam and feeling 110%.

boudoir photo shoot


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