Frequently Asked Questions


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How long have you been doing this?

I began Backlight five years ago and haven't looked back. I started out only doing Videography and have now started offering photography and all-inclusive Photo & Video packages.

What's your turnaround time?

All my clients receive a teaser set of images within 48 hours of the event. A teaser video trailer with in 1-2 weeks of the event. For weddings, my turnaround time is 8-14 weeks (photo and video) and for Boudoir it is 3-4 weeks.

Can you help us with planning?

Of course! I've been involved in coordinating weddings since 2010. I have plenty of vendors I love to work with and refer to. I love being involved in the planning process and guiding my couples to select moments and details for their day to represent them as a couple.

How far out do you book?

The earlier the better. Our wedding season in Jackson is very short because of our long winters. That is a limited amount of Saturdays available. Once you've decided you want to work with me I suggest you book ASAP. Typically I book out 9-16 months in advance.

Do you travel?

YES! I primarily shoot in the Teton area of Wyoming and Idaho, but I can worldwide. In the month of October, I focus on the Catskills, New York as well as the entire New England area. Reach out and ask about my Destination Wedding and Elopement packages.

Can you film just the ceremony?

NO! Here's why: the ceremony is only a fraction of the entire experience. It is not interesting to record only the vows. How would you edit that? What story is it telling? What makes my films cinematic, engaging, and emotion triggering- is that I build-up to the ceremony. You need to set the scene, introduce the couple so when we finally reach the ceremony, it's the climax of your story. It's raw storytelling, and if I were only filming the ceremony, it's not doing your Love Story justice!

Can you add extra filming hours?

Of course! I have base packages for everyone to get a general idea of what is included. The number of filming hours and final edited film and photos is what decides the end price. If you're going for the Cinematic Short for 7 hours, but you have a sparkler send-off that requires an extra hour of filming, we can easily add the extra hour in the contract or even at the event itself. The price is $250 per extra filming hour.

What is Super 8 mm Film Coverage?

Super 8 mm Film is real film coverage. I have a vintage Super 8 camera from the late 1970s. I work with a film developer in Los Angelos who developed, print, and digitize the film. Super 8 mm is such a unique look and adds tons of nostalgia to your final movie. When you add Super 8, you can choose to add it into your last film or keep it separate in its own edit, which you get regardless. Ask me for an example!

How does Drone Footage work?

I am a certified Remote Pilot in Command, which means I'm certified to fly a drone legally for commercial use. Drone footage can be photos or video, depending on what type of package you booked. Drone's can only be flown in certain areas around Jackson, and I will direct you where we can and can't fly. Drone footage adds epic hero shots and landscape scenes that add mega drama to your final film.

We are getting married in the National Park can we still add drone footage?

Yes and no. NO, we cannot fly within Grand Teton or Yellowstone National Parks. Yes, we can make drone footage happen for your wedding. There are areas all around Jackson that have clear airspace for us to get the footage. We will discuss when and where the drone shots will factor into your timeline. Drones can be flown in the National Forest, which makes up many of the surrounding Jackson areas.

Do I need professional hair and makeup?

Girl YES. Here's why: today's cameras will illuminate any blemish and skin mismatched tone. The professionals I work with have a lot of experience with wedding hair and makeup that looks natural while highlighting your stunning features. It's imperative to use the correct highlighters, mascara, etc., to achieve your wedding look that translates onto photo and video in a way that doesn't make you look like a drag queen. Trust me- you won't!

What do you think is the most important thing to consider when planning my wedding timeline?

Light, light, and more light! You've probably seen my photos and videos and have been flown away with a stunning drone shot or a perfectly lit kiss. I bet 100% of those images came from Golden Hour or Blue Hour. The time of day and the lighting conditions may not seem like a priority for you, but it is majorly important for your photo and video professionals. Noon sun will wash anyone out, and you will not love your final product. To ensure you get the BEST footage possible and exploit the mountains here- we must be shooting during Golden Hour just before and after the sun has set!

Do you make wedding albums?

Yaaassss. I work with a company that allows for a lot of customization. When you receive your final photos, you can favorite the ones you want to be included in your wedding album. Albums are a great gift for parents and grandparents. Having a physical compilation of your wedding is one of the best investments you can make. When you order your album through me, I am doing all the leg work, so you don't have to! Albums can vary in size and length, so we will schedule a consultation session after your wedding to go over everything with you in detail.

When we book full photo and video coverage do you shoot it all yourself?

Nope. I work with a few other local professionals who I've vetted and worked with before. It would do your wedding a disservice if I tried to capture it all myself. Depending on your package, you will have solely filming and someone who is solely shooting photos. This creates a cohesive team that works extremely well together to get the best possible footage. This is not always the case when I am hired out separately for just video.

Why should we book photo and video together?

The obvious answer is it's more affordable. Beyond that, you are simplifying the wedding planning process. You now have one contract and one payment to one company to lock in your wedding day coverage. After a few years in the industry, I got tired of hearing that my brides couldn't afford to add a video to their wedding. I'm offering both at a better rate because I don't want you to choose between photo or video. In my opinion, video is equally important if not BETTER than just a picture. With video, you can relive the sights, sounds, and words of the day! I want to make it a reality for couples who otherwise didn't think they could afford it.

One team. One contract. One creative style.

What's the booking process like?

Start by sending me an e-mail inquiry or calling me. Once I have your basic info, I'll send you PDF's with my packages and pricing broken down. You can also schedule a phone consultation. This is the best way to answer your questions and ensure we are a fit as your vendor. Once we've figured out which packages and extras work for you, I send you a proposal. This is the contract and invoice in one. My retainer is half the total package price, and the final balance is due 1 month before your event date. You have 5 days to sign the contract and pay the retainer, and then the wedding date is OFFICIALLY yours!

Do you offer extras?

Yup, to make your wedding as unique as you are as a couple. My most popular extra is Drone Footage. This is a flat fee for the day. Next is Super 8 mm film coverage, which is the real vintage film I mentioned above. Beyond that, you can add extra filming hours, prove options for editing, live stream rehearsal dinner coverage, adventure coverage, engagement sessions, boudoir sessions, full edits of the ceremony and speeches, and a groom cam. Don't stop there- if there is a request you have I will do my best to make it happen!

What other vendors do you recommend?

Suppose you're still in need of a hair and makeup person, planner, etc. LMK and I would be happy to share my preferred vendors with you.

Do we have to wear mics?

Typically I mic the officiant and, yes, the groom! I let you know ahead of time what to expect, so it doesn't come as a surprise on the big day. I use small lavalier mics that are small and incognito. Depending on your wedding type and location, I might* have to mic the bride. I have the same small mics but in white! Don't worry, and it's well hidden!

Can we pick our own music for the video?

Not exactly. What your musical taste is, what genres, who are your favorite bands and artist. Because all of my films are uploaded to the internet, I have to use legally licensed music. I use a website called MusicBed, and they have a wide range of fantastic music. I make my musical selections based on what you told me and your general vibe.