Lynn Canyon Ranch 7.20.19

A Jacksonite makes the trek to Idaho! When you live in Jackson, Wyoming you never want to leave! There are however a few exceptions- weddings for me being one.

I had never filmed at Lynn Canyon Ranch before and oh what a pleasant surprise it was. It fully encapsulates the old west. The main house is peppered with black and white photos from the Old West Days. The kitchen- TO DIE FOR- copper pots and 4 inch butcher block counter tops. My inner Martha Stewart was drooling. I did ask to film in the kitchen but the boss lady in charge 86’ed that idea so you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

Lynn Canyon Ranch also offers a separate house for the bride or groom to get ready in. Beyond all this the ceremony location was hidden away between the Aspen tress. A house drawn wagon will take you up to the site. And if you have too much fun at the after party there is the option to pitch a tent and keep the party going all night!

Annika and Gordon had one of the most loving and supportive family units I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Frame by frame you can see the pure joy not only of this gorgeous couple but of all their guests.

The highlight of this video for me is Gordon’s Grandfather who offered beautiful words during the ceremony. As the patriarch of the family he was chosen to give these insightful words to the happy couple. I mean forget Morgan Freeman- I will take Gordon’s Grandfather ANYTIME to narrate one of my wedding films!

A wedding film transcends photos and takes you directly to the heart of the day. The words I choose to highlight in my videos are always worthy of repeating. I want my couples to remember these words of advice for their rest of their lives.

Enough with the mushy stuff- Annika promised me an epic dance party. The wedding lived up to this promise! Holy cow! Sometimes the dance party sequence doesn’t offer much. However, this go around I had a plethora of funky moves, smiling faces and ecstatic energy.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this very special day.